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TB90 frozen version: injecting freshness into modern life

In modern life, the TB90 frozen version has become an indispensable family companion due to its excellent performance and multifunctional features. Today, we will discuss with you the differences between the TB90 frozen version and the TB90 refrigerated version, and bring you more exciting frozen versions.


The TB90 refrigerated version is similar to the TB90 refrigerated version in terms of refrigeration, but its right drawer is designed specifically for refrigeration. The right refrigerated drawer has excellent temperature control ability, and the temperature range can be adjusted to -12 ℃ to -24 ℃. This means you can easily save various foods, whether it's frozen vegetables, frozen foods, or ice cream, and find the perfect home in this space designed specifically for freezing.


The TB90 frozen version also comes with multiple built-in intelligent functions, including wireless charging, USB charging port, and multifunctional refrigerated drawer. These features make your life more convenient, making it easy and enjoyable to charge smart devices or quickly store and retrieve ingredients.


Like the TB90 refrigerated version, the TB90 refrigerated version also uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R600A, reducing its adverse impact on the environment. Meanwhile, its excellent energy efficiency helps reduce energy expenses, making your home more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.


Whether you are a culinary master, housewife, or busy professional, the TB90 frozen version can provide you with excellent performance and help you easily manage your family affairs.


The TB90 frozen version is a perfect combination of refrigeration and freezing, adding more convenience and comfort to modern life. Choose the TB90 frozen version to make your life more intelligent, modern, and efficient.


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