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TB65: Small Stature with High Energy

TB65, this compact smart refrigerator, with its excellent design and multifunctional performance, has become a leader in home spaces. Both in terms of size and functional requirements, TB65 attracts countless families with its small stature and large energy.


Despite its compact size, TB65 has a well-designed interior that can easily accommodate a large amount of ingredients. No longer limited by space, TB65 provides a new refrigeration solution for families, bringing more convenience to life. The compact size of TB65 not only makes it easy to find its place in the home, but also cleverly utilizes space in its internal design. Its unique storage structure and efficient refrigeration system result in an unexpectedly large capacity hidden beneath its compact exterior.


In addition to the refrigeration function of traditional refrigerators, TB65 also combines intelligent technology, supporting touch screen adjustment and USB charging. This product can be used as a small dining table, not only solving the dining problem, but also providing a multifunctional usage scenario, fully integrating limited space. It is not only a refrigerator, but also an assistant to life, satisfying your longing for technology and convenience.


TB65, with its small stature containing great abilities, is a powerful assistant in modern life. No longer troubled by space issues, TB65 will inject more technology and convenience into your home life. Choose TB65 and experience unlimited possibilities in small size.


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