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TB65: Defining New Standards for Private Spaces

TB65 is no longer just a refrigerator, but also a fashionable smart instrument in your home. In colorful life scenes, TB65 perfectly integrates into your home life with its unique design and powerful functions.


In the morning, sunlight shone through the curtains into the room, and TB65 worked quietly at the bedside. Open the refrigerated drawer and enjoy a bite of chilled juice, the fresh taste awakens your beautiful day.


The flat top design of TB65 makes it an ideal companion for work and study at home. Arrange your notebook, organize your stationery, and in your spare time, grab a chilled beverage to release your tired body and mind.


In the evening, family members gather together to watch movies, and TB65 becomes a small cold drink station. Family members can access their beloved ice cream anytime and anywhere, without the need for a break.


Holding a small party? TB65 will become an indoor mini bar. Various chilled drinks are displayed in the refrigerated drawer, adding a sense of fashion and unique taste experience to the party.


It's late at night, and you're still dreaming soundly. TB65 provides you with a night reading space at the bedside, and the combination of refrigerator and lighting makes reading time more comfortable and warm.


TB65 is not only a household appliance, but also the finishing touch of home life. Play freely in various scenarios, adding a touch of intelligent fashion to your life.


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