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TB135 Tea Version: Perfect fusion of elegance and practicality

The design of modern homes not only emphasizes aesthetics and taste, but also meets the needs of practicality. Primst's TB135 coffee table perfectly integrates these two aspects, combining elegant design with excellent functionality, bringing a brand new experience to your lifestyle.


Wood grain has always been a classic element in home design, giving the space a warm and natural atmosphere. The TB135 Tea Bar Edition, with its exquisite wood grain design, not only perfectly integrates various home styles, but also enhances the beauty of the entire home environment. Whether your home style is modern, traditional, or rural, this coffee table will be an excellent decoration, adding a natural beauty to your living room.


The TB135 Tea Bar Edition not only stands out in appearance, but also has multiple outstanding features. The temperature range of the left drawer is suitable for refrigeration, ranging from 3 to 8 degrees Celsius, which can meet the refrigeration needs of various foods and beverages. The temperature range of the right drawer is suitable for refrigeration and freezing, ranging from 6 to 12 degrees Celsius, providing more storage flexibility to meet the needs of different types of ingredients.


In addition to its excellent design and refrigeration function, this product also has multiple practical functions. It is equipped with two USB charging ports for charging electronic devices such as phones and tablets at any time. In addition, TB135 is equipped with a water outlet, making tea production more convenient. You can connect the water source to the coffee table and provide a warm cup of tea or coffee for your family and guests.


The bottom of the product is equipped with an induction light to provide additional lighting and improve the convenience of the home. No longer need to grope in the dark, induction lights will sprinkle warm light into your home space, creating a warm atmosphere.


It is not only a multifunctional coffee table, but also an outstanding example of home aesthetics and practicality. It combines classic wood grain design with excellent functionality, adding a natural beauty to your home. Choose the wood grain color TB135 Tea Bar Edition to open the door to the perfect fusion of elegance and versatility, bringing more beauty and convenience to your lifestyle.


This product represents a new level of modern lifestyle, not only as a home appliance, but also as a symbol of taste. Whether you live alone or share with family and friends, the TB135 Tea Bar Edition will become the focus of your home life, bringing a perfect fusion of elegance and practicality to your lifestyle.


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