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TB135 Tea Bar Edition: Inheriting the Millennium Tea Ceremony and Tasting Intelligent Life

Under the influence of Chinese tea culture, TB135 Tea Bar Edition emerged, perfectly combining traditional tea ceremony with modern intelligent refrigeration technology, bringing users a wonderful fusion of tea culture and technology. This intelligent refrigerated product not only meets the high standards of tea preservation, but also exudes a unique charm in the passion of tea ceremony culture.


The TB135 Tea Bar Edition, as an intelligent refrigerated product, is unique in its integration of traditional tea culture and modern technology. Through an intelligent temperature control system, TB135 can provide the best storage environment for various types of tea, allowing users to experience the perfect blend of tradition and modernity when tasting tea.


The TB135 Tea Bar Edition provides ideal storage space for tea with its 70 liter+65 liter refrigeration capacity. Different types of tea require different storage conditions, and the personalized refrigeration function of TB135 precisely meets the needs of tea ceremony appreciation, allowing each type of tea to be best preserved.


The TB135 Tea Bar Edition introduces an intelligent water burner, providing users with a more convenient tea ceremony experience. No need for additional boiling tools, just simple operation, you can enjoy the precise temperature of hot water, adding a thoughtful and comfortable experience to the tea tasting process.


The tea ceremony emphasizes the tranquility of the soul, while music is an expression of emotions. The built-in music player of TB135 Tea Bar Edition adds a melodious melody to tea tasting through Bluetooth technology, creating a peaceful and joyful atmosphere together with the tea fragrance.


The TB135 ambient light design not only gives the product a sense of fashion, but also injects artistic elements into the tea ceremony. During the tea tasting process, the changes in lighting complement the fragrance of the tea, creating a fashionable and elegant tea tasting space for users.


Overall, this product is not only an intelligent refrigeration product, but also a perfect intersection of tea ceremony culture and modern home furnishings. Accompanied by this product, users can not only taste the depth of traditional tea ceremony, but also feel the convenience and comfort brought by modern technology for a high-quality life. The TB135 Tea Bar Edition is a wonderful combination of tea ceremony and intelligent life, bringing a brand new experience of tea culture to modern families.


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