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TB135 Light Luxury Smart Coffee Table: Behind Art, Placing Small Objects

Primst proudly presents the TB135 Luxury Edition Intelligent Tea Table, which is not only a table, but also a clever creator of space. Let's explore together what kind of small space surprises the TB135 storage version behind us, in addition to the elegant appearance of the front desk.


The back of this smart coffee table is not only a simple structure, but also a carefully designed space. The back power socket provides a convenient source of power for the device, and at the same time, it creates a small world specifically designed to provide a place to place your small items.


You can place your favorite magazines, books, and even small decorations on the back of TB135, making this space a window for you to showcase your taste and personality. A book or a bouquet of flowers can find their own place behind this clever design.


The back design of the storage board takes into account privacy needs, allowing for clever and elegant concealment of your personal belongings. Not only does it showcase taste at the front desk, but it is also a private and comfortable corner behind it.


Whether it's your beloved art magazine, exquisite decorations, or some personal considerations, the small space on the back of TB135 products can become a place for expressing your personality, adding a unique charm to your home.


The space where this small object is placed is not simply designed, but also incorporates exquisite craftsmanship into the overall design. Every inch of space has been carefully polished, aiming to provide you with a truly meticulous home experience.


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