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TB135 Frozen Smart Coffee Table — Unlocking a New Lifestyle in 2024!

As the New Year's bell approaches, we bring our new technological masterpiece - TB135 Frozen Intelligent Coffee Table - to once again present you with a peak experience of life, depicting a new chapter of life for the arrival of 2024.


The core advantage of TB135 lies in its intelligent freezing technology, providing you with an unprecedented life experience. The left and right partition design allows the left refrigerated drawer to store your favorite drinks and snacks at any time, while the right refrigerated drawer can meet your needs for fresh ingredients. This design not only adds more possibilities to your life, but also saves you more time.


The freezing function of TB135 is not only to preserve ingredients, but also to provide a brand new beverage experience. In the hot summer, you can fully enjoy the refreshing cold drinks, while in the cold winter, you can take out frozen drinks at any time and feel a different kind of warmth.


The appearance design of TB135 is simple and elegant, and the desktop is made of noble tempered glass, which not only provides strong support but also adds a lot of color to the entire product. The LED strip is cleverly integrated into the bottom, providing you with sufficient light and adding a unique fashionable atmosphere to the home environment.


TB135 has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, providing you with a high-quality music experience. At the same time, the thoughtful design of USB and Type-C charging ports keeps your smart device in a charging state, making life infinitely convenient.


In the upcoming year of 2024, the TB135 frozen smart coffee table will accompany you to embark on a new way of life. Whether celebrating holidays with family and friends or enjoying peaceful time alone, TB135 will be your right-hand man.


Thank you for your continuous support to Primst. We will make unremitting efforts to offer you more intelligent products. May TB135 work together with you in the new year to write your own intelligent beauty.


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