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Primst TB135: Enjoy a Multifunctional Lifestyle

The TB135 smart coffee table is an outstanding innovation of Primst in the cross-border integration of furniture and home appliances. With its forward-looking design philosophy and powerful functionality, TB135 has taken a place in the smart home market and become the ideal choice for users to pursue innovative lifestyles.


TB135 breaks the boundaries of traditional coffee tables and introduces the design concept of refrigeration+freezing. The left drawer provides ample refrigeration space, while the right drawer meets the user's needs for refrigeration with a lower temperature range. This dual temperature zone design allows users to store food more flexibly, meeting different needs of households.


TB135 is not only a smart coffee table, but also a powerful entertainment center. Equipped with a built-in 5.0 Bluetooth speaker and a 20W * 2 music player, users can enjoy high-quality music at home. This versatility makes TB135 an ideal place for family gatherings and leisure entertainment.


Considering the diverse needs of modern life, the TB135 smart coffee table is equipped with rich interfaces: two USB charging ports, one Type-C charging port, and two power sockets. This design makes TB135 a multifunctional charging station, providing convenient charging services for various electronic devices in households.


TB135 adopts three classic colors: wood grain, black, and white, with a simple and elegant appearance. This unique exterior design not only highlights the practicality of TB135, but also incorporates modern home design concepts, becoming a part of the home space.


The TB135 smart coffee table is equipped with an intelligent water boiling port and wireless charging function, further enhancing the user experience. The intelligent water burner achieves precise temperature control through electronic control, while the wireless charging function allows users to have more freedom in their home space, freeing them from the constraints of charging harnesses.


Overall, this smart coffee table combines refrigeration, freezing, entertainment, and versatility through its unique innovative design, creating an unprecedented smart home product for users. Primst, with its continuous spirit of innovation, is committed to promoting the development of home technology and providing users with a more intelligent, convenient, and comfortable way of life. TB135 is not only a home product, but also a pioneer in future home life.


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