What we offer

We offer a wide range of customization options to cater to your preferences. Simply share your ideas with us, and we will work with you to bring your vision to life.

  • Custom packaging

  • Appearance customization

  • Function customization

  • Full case customization

  • We simplify the custom branding process for our clients

    Step-by-step process for custom branding:

  • 1.Consultation

  • 2.Sample Order

  • 3.Trial Use Of the Sample and Feedback

  • 4.Confirm Product Specification

  • 5.Product Design

  • 6.Finalization and Proofing

  • 7.Confirming Official Order

  • 8.Production and Delivery

  • Hey don't hesitate to try to order and experience the samples

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    Creating your own line of private label smart furniture has never been easier

    3 Reasons to Choose Primst for Your Private Label/OEM Partnership Event

  • 1. Primst invented the smart coffee table

  • 2. Ability to quickly respond to market demand

  • 3. Strict production quality management system

  • What did our happy clients say?

  • Evaluation of Primst by American agents:

    They have a very big factory with many skilled workers.  I have visited their production line and it is very neat.  Before the visit, I was very curious about what factories in China were like and whether they would be very messy. After the visit, I dismissed this concern.  I was impressed by their professionalism and rigor, so I began to cooperate with them.  So far, I am very satisfied with both products and services. 

  • Our customers: what Häfele says about Primst

    Primst is an excellent manufacturer of smart furniture. It can provide us with a complete product OEM solution. According to our needs, it can provide R&D, production and other support. It is a trustworthy company. Of course, their quality management is also very good! Working with Primst is a pleasure

  • Evaluation of Primst by Japanese agents:

    Primst is a very professional manufacturer with professional R&D capabilities and quality control capabilities. In the cooperation with Primst, salesmen and company R&D personnel can provide us with detailed solutions to problems. The employees of Primst's marketing department can also provide advice on our sales in the Japanese market. For Japan, a market with strict requirements for products, Primst has achieved 100 points.

  • Evaluation of Primst by German agents:

    They have very rich experience in product design and have helped me a lot in product design.  The sales team worked very hard to help me analyze the market and develop sales strategies.  All in all, they are a very professional team and I am very satisfied with both products and services. 

  • Evaluation of Primst by Thai agents:

    Professional OEM factory. They gave me lots of help. They respond to any questions i have about the product in a timely manner. What’s more, they gave me a lot of advice on marketing and sales so that i can develop my own brand easily.

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