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Introducing Your Perfect Holiday Partner: The Smart Coffee Table Fridge

Whether you're hosting a lively family gathering or just kicking back with your closest friends, it's time to elevate your entertainment space with the Smart Coffee Table featuring a built-in fridge and Bluetooth speakers. This isn't just your ordinary coffee table; it's a vibe that captivates, serving as the central hub for all things fun. With chilled drinks, snacks, and easy control at your fingertips, you can fine-tune the fridge temperature, adjust the LED ambiance, and crank up the tunes for the perfect atmosphere.


Refrigerated drawer

Say goodbye to the trouble of getting cold drinks from the kitchen! This coffee table has changed the game rules and comes with a refrigerated drawer that can refrigerate your favorite drinks and snacks. The temperature in the left drawer is 3-8 ° C, which is very suitable for your favorite cola drink. The temperature in the drawer on the right is between 6-12 ° C, making it an ideal choice for fruits and snacks. Our upgraded product even comes with a freezer, a drawer that can store ice cubes and ice cream.


Wireless charging

There is also a 15W wireless charger on the countertop, and a USB and Type-C dual socket combination on the side to meet your charging needs. The back of the smart coffee table is also equipped with a power socket to prevent power overload.


Turn your gatherings into unforgettable experiences! With our ingenious coffee table, your guests won't just enjoy the festivities, they'll be talking about it long after the holidays are over. The smart coffee table will make create lasting memories with every moment!


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