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Cool summer, TB135 frozen version adds coolness to your life

The summer sunshine is brilliant, the temperature rises, and people crave a hint of coolness. The Priest TB135 frozen version is like a refreshing stream, injecting a touch of coolness and convenience into your home life.


Summer is the best time for family gatherings, and this smart coffee table is a great tool for gatherings. Place it in a corner of the living room, and the refrigeration room is filled with chilled drinks, ice cream, and juice, bringing a refreshing carnival for family and friends. Everyone sits together, savoring the cold and delicious food, chatting freely about the bits and pieces of life, warm and happy.


On a summer afternoon, bring family or friends and hold a summer party on the outdoor terrace. Easily move the coffee table outdoors and become the focus of the party. The refrigeration room is filled with various chilled drinks and snacks, allowing every guest to fully enjoy the coolness and joy. The gentle breeze blew and the sunlight poured down, and the party gradually warmed up amidst laughter, becoming an unforgettable memory.


Even in the workplace, TB135 can bring you a refreshing work experience. Place it next to your desk and store chilled drinks and fruits in the cold storage room, allowing you to enjoy a cool and refreshing experience during your work breaks. The refreshing taste and joyful mood make work more relaxed and enjoyable.


TB135 smart coffee table is not only a practical furniture, but also a reflection of a lifestyle attitude. Whether it's family gatherings, outdoor parties, or office work, it can bring you coolness and convenience, making your life more beautiful and comfortable.


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