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Quality Control of Primst

Three QC files

  • Quality file
  • Program file
  • Supporting document, rule, specification, and instructor

Performance laboratory

  • Environmental laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Electrical laboratory
  • Mechanical laboratory

Four inspection steps

  • Self-inspection and mutual inspection
  • Aging test
  • General inspection of appearance
  • Spot check of finished products

Authoritative certification

  • ISO9000
  • ISO14000
  • China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment (CNAS)

Component comprehensive performance laboratory

Primst boasts four state-of-the-art laboratories, equipped with 34 sets of testing equipment for subprojects in environment, chemistry, electrical and mechanical fields. Adhering to rigorous inspection standards, methods, and procedures, we thoroughly inspect raw materials, outsourced parts, and incoming packaging to prevent the flow of unqualified parts into our production line. By conducting stringent quality control measures at the front end, we ensure that our customers receive only the highest-quality products.

Aging test

Our testing system allows us to batch test the refrigerating and freezing temperatures of coffee table fridges and assess whether they meet our factory quality standards. The intelligent temperature control system, controlled by our proprietary software, records key parameters such as temperature curve and test data to ensure optimal cooling performance. During the testing process, we use a Swiss-made Inficon leak detector to detect any high-voltage issues that may arise during machine startup. We also assess the sound program, wireless charging, and USB charging to ensure that the product is fully functional. Upon successfully passing our simulated actual use test, the product is ready for final assembly and packaging.

General inspection of product appearance

Once the surface of the coffee table fridge is thoroughly cleaned, our team proceeds to assemble the drawers, sliding trays, accessory bags, and other parts in a careful and meticulous manner. Our inspectors conduct a comprehensive check of the appearance and interior of the smart coffee table under lighting conditions of 3-4k lumens, paying close attention to the logo.

Only those coffee table fridges that meet our rigorous quality standards are approved for warehousing. These products then undergo an aging test to ensure that they continue to function optimally over an extended period of use.

Spot check of finished products

To ensure that our coffee table fridges meet both our internal quality management regulations and our customers' requirements, we conduct spot checks on finished products. These checks allow us to verify that the products meet all relevant quality standards and that they are functioning correctly. We have strict measures in place to prevent any unqualified products from leaving our factory. If a product fails our quality control checks, we take immediate corrective action to identify and address any issues. We also maintain detailed testing records for each product, which can be provided upon request to demonstrate that our products meet all specified requirements.

Continuous quality improvement management

Primst is dedicated to improving the quality of our coffee table fridges. We analyze quality data to identify areas for improvement and organize regular internal quality improvement activities. Our goal is to optimize our quality management system and exceed our customers' expectations. Through this commitment to quality, we maintain our position as a leader in the industry and provide the best possible products to our customers.
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