Inspection method for not cooling

1. Did not turn on the cooling function or wrong setting temperature.

2.Sensor failure,  sensor has broken circuit or short circuit , or wrong specification setting

3.magnetic valve failure, coil in magnetic valve is burned or failed to reverse

4.PCB failure, PCB can get input or output signal

5.Compressor failure, compressor cannot start

6.Refrigerant system failure, any block or leakage with refrigerant system.

Inspection on not-starting

1.Make sure power voltage is in the same range of 187-242V. If the power voltage is not in this range, please equip with voltage regulator or get help from professional electrician

2.Please check the plug is available

3.Please check the ambient temperature, if ambient temperature is lower than 5℃,the compressor of the unit starts protection under low temperature.

4.Please check if there is any short circuit in the unit

5.Please check if the compensation switch for low temperature is turning on, check if there is any failure with the compensation switch

6.Please check if the setting temperature is in the reasonable range. Please check if the controller is available

7.Please check if there is any failure with compressor or compressor accessories

8.Please check if there is any failure with PCB, inverter board, display board or power board.