Solution for block on drain port

Defrosting water flows away from the drain port on the back. If drain port is block by food residues, defrosting water cannot flow away but flow from freezer. If there is waterlogged in drain port, please pay attention that if there is any block. And unclog it with soft plastic parts, flush with water finally.

Solution for unsteady placement of the mini bar

If the mini bar is unsteady after installation, Please adjust the placement of mini bar. Please follow our tips:

Four feet of the mini bar can be adjusted:

1.Mini bar can be adjusted by four feet under the unit; front feet can be adjusted to balance the door.

2.If mini bar body is not steady, adjust the front feet too.

3.Four feet are connected to the body with screws. Rotating the feet to adjust.

Mini bar cannot cooling


1.Too much food in the freezer

Setting cooling temperature of the freezer is 3-12℃. Normally the freezer runs from 4-10℃. Open/close timely or storage too much food will bring more heat into the freezer, or make it not cooling

2.Compressor failure

Not cooling may be caused by failure of the compressor. After starting the compressor, testing the pressure of return gas pipes, if pressure is low, there must be some problem with compressor. If compressor cannot start, please first check the power plug.


1.If the mini bar cannot cooling, please open the door to check the light in the freezer, if the light is off, please check the power plug.

2.If the light in the freezer is on, please check the temperature setting in common level.

Why is the freezer temperature high in some hot area.

It’s not caused by mini bar, close the door and freezer temperature will be down after running for a while.

For better cooling in hot area, please pay attention to follow tips:

1.Don’t put hot food in the freezer, and don’t open the door frequently.

2.Don’t put too much food in the freezer in one time.

3.Put the mini bar in good ventilation area, keep more than 10cm spaces between the unit to others.

Close the door tightly. Don’t leakage cold air .

Cause of electric leakage

1.Please make sure earth of the mini bar is well connected. If ground connect is not well done, compressor running will produce static electricity.

2.Quality problem with unit, there may be failure with insulation on the inner circuit wires caused by worker in producing.

3.Compressor wires may be cut by mouse.

4. Electric leakage may be caused by broken body wires, which may be destroyed by screws.

Power source for the min bar

Mini bar requires power supply with 220V AC. it’s allowed to have a change range between 187V to 242V. In such range, unit can operate normally and perfect run with 220V. Higher than 242V or lower than 187V occasionally can be accepted ,but may have damage on the unit.

Cause of high power consumption

1. Power consumption of the mini bar is tested in standard conditioning, environment temperature is 25℃, relative humidity is 45-75%, air flow rate is lower than 0.25m/s.

2. If ambient temperature, setting level, times of open/close the door, quantity of food in the freezer will all change the real power consumption. In testing conditioning, the power consumption is 0.4 kwh, if ambient temperature reach 30℃, real consumption is about 0.65-0.7 kwh, if ambient temperature is 35 ℃, power consumption is more than 1 kwh.

Normal turning on and off of the freezer and normal functions of cooling mean normal operation of the mini bar.

Do not use the mini bar as air conditioner in summer

Mini bar consumes power to cool the foods. The unit input power will be higher with lower setting temperature of the freezer. Condenser of the unit will radiate heat into the air at the same time. The cooling capacity of the freezer cannot balance the heating capacity from the condenser if keep the door open. So do not use the freezer as air conditioner in winter.